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Are you ready for 30 days of extreme change? Have you been stuck in a rut and in desperate need of a coach to help pull you up? This is no time to quit if you want to succeed in life you must be willing to FIGHT with all your MIGHT!


My five tier transformation plan has been designed to:

  1. Re-mind you of who were designed to be
  2. Re-define what is possible and purpose to live magnificently
  3. Re-vise self-sabotaging thoughts robbing you of the divine
  4. Re-alize the innate gifts  you possess and embrace bold confidence to share with the world
  5. Re-ignite the flame of fire, allowed to burn out due to battles that caused you to no longer fight

“As a direct result of our intentional re-discovery virtual exchange you should walk away with at least 30 acute action steps easy to implement every day.”

Massive Momentum “Ignite My Fire” Online Starter Coaching Program is infused with insightful tools that empower any female leader to:

  1. Re-Discover the Power in YOU!
  2. Re-train the brain to love, not fear doing something NEW!
  3. Re-align your actions to annihilate procrastination and MOVE!


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